Solar Cross Is

…a symbol that celebrates the turning wheel of the year, the light that burns in the dedicated heart and mind of the seeker, the calling in of gnosis, and the dance of the seasons as they pass.

…a temple dedicated to pan-magical practice, worship, education, outreach and bringing justice to the world through spiritual service. It welcomes Pagans, Heathens, Witches, Ceremonial Magickians, Mystics, and other sincere seekers.

The Mission of Solar Cross:

To spread the light of gnosis and provide a spiritual home for magic workers and Pagans for the purpose of spiritual direction, education, ritual, and worship. Solar Cross is dedicated to service and justice.

Statement of Experiential Belief:

We experience divinity as both a unifying force in the cosmos and as an energy of myriad expressions. Divinity is not distant from us, but is both immanent in the physical world and beyond the physical world. Divinity manifests not only in stars, trees, soil, sky, animals and humans, but as distinct God Forms. Thus, some of us are polytheists, others are non-dualists or monists, and some are all of the above. Our direct experience divinity in our lives affects our perceptions. There is room for variety amongst all who worship and practice under the auspices of Solar Cross.

We worship through prayer, meditation, Deity offerings, and group ritual services. The latter takes many forms depending on the sub-tradition of the Solar Cross practitioner. We also worship through our work on self, as becoming better humans helps to connect with the Divine in all its forms.

Our members are active in community service and justice projects.


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