February 7, 2015 – Updated March, 2018

Solar Cross Temple once had a vision of an urban temple space and began asking for donations toward its manifestation. We quickly raised just over $6000 in cash donations, plus secured commitments from two community members for zero-interest loans totaling $60,000… and then the 2008 economic crisis struck. The donations dried up and we felt it best to release the loans, no longer feeling secure that there would be enough money to both buy and support such a dream. We put it on hold, waiting to see what the future might bring.

We have since given up entirely on the idea of owning a physical structure. The local community doesn’t seem to want it, but does seem to want our classes and devotionals, and to be involved in our work of honoring the Gods and Goddesses, and helping to serve the cause of justice.

Our work continues, and temple members study and honor the Gods in their own homes, and gather together monthly in backyards and rented spaces. Solar Cross continues to provide education and spiritual guidance to both mid-income and low income individuals and works a lot on social justice. As a temple, we both march in the streets and sit in meditation. Temple members raise funds when disaster strikes, or people are in need.

The Temple may not have a permanent physical space, but it continues to be built. As our board expands, many projects are gaining energy and we feel great excitement at the future. We have several publications in the works and are launching a new series of community classes called Solar Cross Presents. Our service to the Gods is unabated.

We kept the $6,000 raised from individuals in a separate bank account and decided to re-purpose that money. If you were one of the people who gave us a donation (the computer with all of those records on it was stolen several years ago, and there was no back up) and you want that money back, please write a note on your own honor to We will get the money to you.

Meanwhile, we gifted half of the funds to the New Alexandrian Library. We chose the Library because the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is doing a solid job of manifesting this dream. The library is well on its way to opening and seems to have a clear plan to carry it into the future, even beyond the lives of those currently involved.

The remainder of the funds went to social justice projects. Having a fund set aside for justice work is consistent with our mandate and will allow us to envision projects that simply aren’t possible now. We’ll keep you updated on what some of those projects might be, and welcome your ideas.

As always, we thank you and ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We certainly will keep you all in ours.

Sincerely, the Solar Cross Temple Board of Directors:

  • T. Thorn Coyle
  • Robert Russell
  • Jonathan Korman
  • Crystal Blanton
  • Jason Thomas Pitzl
  • Elena Rose