Solar Cross community is comprised of practitioners of many different Pagan and magical traditions, all working toward spiritual growth and religious expression. We come together as seekers, teachers, and people of good will to learn, practice and engage in various projects together. Our Statement of Experiential Belief includes the following: “We experience the Divine as both a unifying force in the cosmos and as an energy of myriad expressions. The Divine is not distant from us, but is both immanent in the physical world and beyond the physical world.”

This concept of divinity is pervasive, carrying over into work in prisons, with elders, the environment, with low income and homeless people, work for racial and economic justice, and myriad other expressions. It is our hope that these and other projects will take root all over the US. We encourage people to formalize their own mission statements and use Solar Cross membership as a way to help raise funds for work in their home communities.