Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bay Area Monthly Devotionals, which began Autumn 2012 and ran through May 2016 in Berkeley, CA.  We are grateful to everyone who led or attended these gatherings to connect with divinity and community. Devotionals varied from month to month, were dedicated to deities from a variety of traditions, and were led by Solar Cross clergy and guests. Over the years, Solar Cross offered more than forty of these inclusive, family-friendly, free gatherings, including four consecutive years of the September Idunna Blót and Apple Harvest in the Palace Garden.


Solar Cross continues to embrace diversity in the Pagan community and beyond with Devotions for the People. Please join us every third Sunday, no matter where you are. Call upon your own ancestors and descendants, your own Goddesses and Gods, your own traditions and allies as we set ourselves in prayer and meditation for the people, the land, and the beings of the land.


Every month we will call upon different people to offer a meditation for us all to focus on that day and for the rest of the month. We ask that you do this in a group, or on your own, and using the rituals of your own traditions. We ask also that you follow up with one action-in-the-world to help bolster your connection to the month’s meditation. This can take many forms. Use your creativity, and share it with us on social media! Watch our Facebook page and eNews for updates. We hope you’ll join us. We will begin by calling upon our Ancestors.


Devotions for the People

August 21, 2016
To Our Ancestors of Spirit, Body, and Mind
Written by T. Thorn Coyle of Solar Cross Temple

What you need for this devotion:
• a cup of water

This month, we invoke a rebalancing of hearts and an opening of minds.
This month, we call upon our Ancestors.
We entreat the Ancestors to step forward to the circle, and into our embrace.
Some of you are difficult. Challenging. Some of you carry the burden of long years of labor under the whips and guns of others. Some of you have grown rich from the labor of these same. Some of you have forgotten who you are.
Others of you carry memories of pain, or love, or joy.
Some sprang from this very land. Some have come from far away.

We call to those who were forced from their homes.
We call to those who were the healers.
We call to those who loved fiercely, and in secret.
We call to those who lived out loud.
We call to the oppressed, and the oppressors.
To the brutalized and those who did great harm.
We call to those who remembered how to dance and sing.

We offer you the waters of truth.
We drink with you the waters of knowledge.
We bathe with you in the waters of healing.
We pour out the waters of possibility onto the earth.
We set our own hearts and minds upon the scales of Justice and we ask:
What is our work to be, today? To whom must we make amends?
To whom must we say, “enough?”
To whom are we accountable? Where does our healing lie?

And so, we drink the waters that still give life.
Even as they labor under the corruption of human greed,
the waters themselves all hold the possibility to quench our thirst,
to cleanse, and to run free.
We offer this water to our Ancestors and back unto the earth.
May we be fortified for what is yet to come. May we find clarity and blessing.
May we ever work for necessary healing,
even in times of great upheaval and distrust.
May the waters be blessed.
May the people be blessed.
May we find the way.
Blessed be the past.
Blessed be the present.
Blessed be the times that are to come.

Please follow up with one action-in-the-world to help bolster your connection to the month’s meditation, and share your reflections with our community on Facebook.