Solar Cross is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that relies on the support of our community. Whether by volunteering, sharing your ideas and resources, and/or contributing financially, you can make a difference in our ability to fulfill our mission: to spread the light of gnosis and provide a spiritual home for magic workers and Pagans for the purpose of spiritual direction, education, ritual, and worship. Solar Cross is dedicated to service and justice.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support Solar Cross. Click here to donate now. Your gift will help us continue to offer programs and services such as

  • Elemental Castings — a professionally-produced podcast available free of charge
  • Devotions for the People — our monthly prayers and meditations for the people, the land, and the beings of the land. Please join us every third Sunday of the month.
  • Tuition scholarships and sliding scale fee structures for Morningstar Mystery School students with financial need
  • Earmarked donations for relief efforts. Previous initiatives included support for protesters in Ferguson, MO; Japan Tsunami Relief; funds to buy winter fuel for native elders at Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations; and rented porta-potties for Occupy Oakland when it had an encampment.
  • Social justice activism, our Pagan prison ministry, and more.

Gifts of $50 or more are most needed, although contributions in all amounts are very much appreciated.

We also especially value those donors who choose to make recurring monthly donations–just check the applicable box on our secure PayPal donation page. If you are willing and able, your monthly contribution of $5 or $10, or more, will provide support for the important work that Solar Cross does with and for community members like you.

Previously, Solar Cross envisioned and was raising funds for a permanent temple space. Due to a number of reasons, we have shifted our strategic plan and are focusing on other projects. Read more about what we plan to do with these funds here.

If you wish for your money to go to a specific venture – such as prison ministry or Pagan elders – please make a note of that when you send your donation.

Tithes are welcomed. Thank you for your support!