Effective Pagan Leadership

This is the first in a series of educational courses sponsored by Solar Cross and designed to foster stronger temples, covens, groves, and individuals.


Effective Pagan Leadership: the Pentacle of Autonomy

facilitated by T. Thorn Coyle

Leadership often feels messy, because we are in continuous relationship with ourselves, our Gods, our guides, and other community members. But even though leadership may sometimes feel messy, we can learn to share power in ways that are overall more honorable and clean than we sometimes see modeled.

Effective leadership isn’t just stepping up. It requires us to look at ourselves and assess how our passions and skills fit with the desires and needs ofcommunity. We also need to take responsibility for our commitments, our actions, and our words.

This six week workshop will ask us to delineate some of our skills and assess our weaknesses and tendencies. Together, we will examine boundaries and look at handling conflict with grace and firmness. We will be asked to monitor community interactions by following the energy that often moves around interactions, or even flows beneath the surface.

Some of the questions we will cover are as follows:
Have you ever seen community leaders just stop showing up? Or start disrupting the works through various means? Have we noticed that sometimes we take on too much and begin to feel overwhelmed? Do we have trouble taking breaks?

This workshop helps us to assess ourselves and our commitments by using the Pentacle of Autonomy: Commitment, Honor, Truth, Strength, and Compassion. We will also learn to recognize whether our energy is being eaten, drained or fed, whether we are just in a temporary slump, or whether it is time to honorably cut our ties and move on.


March 9 – April 12, 2015.
Registration for this class is closed. For information about other upcoming classes, please write to solarcrosstemple AT gmail.com .