Solar Cross Stands For Justice

“LISTEN: If you ever wondered what you would do if you were alive in the Civil Rights Movement, NOW IS THE TIME to find out.

NOW. RIGHT NOW.”     – Shaun King

Solar Cross Temple stands on the side of justice and equity.

We grieve with the families and friends of those killed by police, raped by police, harassed by police. We march in the streets with those who say “No more!” to state violence. We organize. And we pray.

Solar Cross Temple stands on the side of love.

We hold out our hands to our Black and brown neighbors, temple members, and friends. We say, clearly and firmly, we will always stand with you.

Solar Cross Temple comprehends that the Gods and Goddesses walk among us. We see them in the faces of those fallen, and we know that they are also reflected in the hearts and minds of the oppressors. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us bring about change. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us to bring about justice. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us build a better world.

We ask you to help us, too.

We ask people of good will to join the march for justice, in whatever way you can. We can vision a world where all are treated with respect and love. We can vision a world where children do not have to live in fear. We can vision a world where we work, hand in hand, celebrating our diversity and embracing our commonality.

All lives are sacred, but some lives are more endangered.

Solar Cross members and ministers work with youth of color directly affected by the trauma of death and violence in their communities, including the trauma of not feeling safe from the very people who are charged with their protection: government agents in the form of police. We have raised funds to send supplies – Maalox to cut tear gas, money for gas or food, large marquee tents to keep warm in – to peaceful protestors on the ground in the Ferguson uprising. We have written. We have spoken out.

We have organized with Interfaith leaders and activists against the militarization of police. We have participated in study groups on the prison industrial complex. We have marched in the streets. For several years we have stood with the families of those killed by police in our local communities, attempting to gain justice from police and the District Attorney’s office locally and statewide. We currently help to organize vigils and actions hand in hand with local African American and Latina/Latino communities.

Solar Cross Temple stands on the side of love. We envision a better world.

We hope that other Pagan individuals and groups will join this rising movement for change. We hope that, along with breaking the silence too many groups and individuals are holding, that more people begin to take whatever actions they deem possible.

It is time for us all to ask ourselves, “Which side are we on?” If we profess to honor the sacred, we must act to honor one another’s lives.

The time for change is now. Let’s work this magic.

As educator and protestor Deray McKesson says:

“You are enough. You are enough to spark a revolution. You are enough to lead the world to a better self. You are enough.”

The Solar Cross Board of Directors:

  • T. Thorn Coyle
  • Robert Russell
  • Jonathan Korman
  • Crystal Blanton
  • Jason Thomas-Pitzl

December 5, 2014


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